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GORKED!, a romantic comedy about Winnie, an Alzheimer's patient, who finds joy in a good life relived. Unaware of the vivid inner life Winnie is enjoying and acting out, family members bemoan what seems to them crazy antics.

CHOICES: Aaron Cohen, a very religious Jew, faces a devastating question -- which is more important to him, his religion or the life of his son

FINAL EDITION: A veteran, prize-winning journalist is on the verge of breaking the biggest story of his career, but idenitfying the source would destroy the informant. The reporters editors demand that he name the person even though he promised anonymity.

TOM, DICK & HARRIET: Harriet was in love with Tom and Dick, but she wanted a baby. She knew conception would make one man a father and the other an angry former lover. But she devised an ingenious plan to get a baby with losing her a lover.

SAINTLY MOTHER, a dark comedy about a mother who hopes her physician son will prove his love by refusing to help her commit suicide.

CANDIDE DOES AMERICA, a sequel to the Voltaire classic, in which a modern-day Candide travels throughout the U.S., Antarctica and Iraq to see if this is the best of all possible countries, as his master, Pangloss, insists.

THE LAST APPOINTMENT, a three-character mystery about a macho female detective, a sensitive therapist and a serial killer who murders therapists.

ARIA, a comedy about an Alice-in-Wonderland world of confused sexual orientation, in which straight and gay are never quite what they appear.

LOST AT SEA: A dark comedy about a dying playwright who wants to find out which of his three children loves him the most. So he takes them on a cruise and asks them to write his will, but they must unimously agree on its content before docking in Italy.

PROPER PROTOCOL, a brilliant scientist, who is on the verge of finding a cure for AIDS after violating research protocol, is dismissed by his university, which is more interested in protecting its reputation than saving millions of lives.

HEART THROB & HIGH FLYER, a two-character romantic comedy about Jack and Jill, whose marriage is on boring auto-pilot. Desperate to find love, they adopt code names and turn to internet match websites, finding lovers remarkably similar to their spouses.

OOPS: Chuck Golly is running for president. His mother, the former First Lady, thinks he is incompetent and would be a disaster as the commander in chief. She remains silent until it looks like he will win and intends to nuke terrorist regimes.

THE PASSAGE: Set not many years in the future, after assisted suicide has become legal and a part of the culture, The Passage is about a man preparing for the arrival of the HMO suicide facilitator as the traditional going-away party rages on downstairs.

Hedgerow Theater, Rose Valley, PA
Love Creek Productions, NYC
Playwrights Circle, Palm Springs, CA
Stage 3, Sonora, CA 
O'Neill Playwrights Conference, Waterford. CT 
Playwrights Center, San Francisco, CA
Lark Theatre, New York City
Brick Playhouse, Philadelphia, PA 
Hudson River Classics, Hudson, NY 
Hedgerow Theatre, Rose Valley, PA 
World Premiere Theatre, Eureka, CA 
New York State Theater, Syracuse, NY
Hudson River Classics, Hudson, NY 
Bloomington Playwrights Project, Bloomington, IN
Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia
Wilma Theatre, Philadelphia
Dubuque Fine Arts Players, Dubuque, IA
Interntional Theatre, Vienna, Austria
City Theatre Co., Pittsburgh, PA 
Drama League of New York, New York City
Dayton Playhouse, Dayton, OH
New Plays for Dog Days, Norfolk, VA 
Beverly Hills Theatre Guild, Beverly Hills, CA 
Theatres Breaking Through Barriers, New York City
Hudson River Classics, Hudson, NY  
Hedgerow Theatre, Rose Valley. PA
International Mystery Writers  Festival, Owensboro, KY
Hedgerow Theatre, Rose Vally, PA


Don Drake has had productions and readings in Philadelphia, New York City, San Francisco, Vienna (Austria), Norfolk, Palm Springs  and several other cities and has won many competitions, including a staged reading at the O’Neill Theater Center’s National Playwrights Conference. He has been writing all his life, first as a precocious kid in grade school and later in adult life as a journalist and playwright. He ended up combining these two careers with each one benefiting from the other.  As special projects writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, the news stories he did provided compelling material for his plays. And as playwright he pioneered the use of playwriting techniques to dramatize and explain complex news events.   The technique was so successful that he was a Pulitzer Prize finalist three times and one of the narrative stories he edited won a Pulitzer. Though he loved his work as a journalist, playwriting was his first love and he ultimately left the Inquirer to become a full-time playwright.   He is a member of the Philadelphia Dramatists Center and the Dramatists Guild of America.


Dubuque Fine Arts Players Festival Award ONeill Playwrights Conference Fellowship, Drama League of New York Award, NY State Theatre Award, Dayton Playhouse Prize, Norfolk New Plays for Dog Days Fesitval, Beverly Hills Theatre Guild Prize,

San Francisco Playwrights Centers Showcase, Stanley Drama Award of Wagner College, New York City's Love Creek Productions Award, Lark Theater Showcase, Stage Three Theatre Festival, Sonora, CA Philadelphia Brick Playhouse International Award,

Playwrights Circle, Palm Springs, CA, Hudson River Classics Award, International Mystery Writers Festival, Hudson River Classics, New York's Breaking Through Barriers, Hudson River Classics, Jewish Ensemble Theatre, Reston Community Players

PLAYS (hard copy only)

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WORDS, a love story about a young American college student, who meets a young Russian engineer in a deserted eastern European airport during a snowstorm that has cancelled all planes. It’s at the height of the cold war and she is eager to know about communism and he wants to know about democracy.  Because neither speaks the other’s language, they are constantly misunderstanding each other  until they fall a little bit in love and then they communicate beautifully in more ways than one.
CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER: A schizophrenic teenager tests her parents’ love to the point that something must be done to save the parents if not the girl.



DIALOGUE: An anthology of the following three, one-act plays, which each depicts the alienation in our society.

DADDY: After a lifetime of being unable to get an emotional response from her father, a lap dancer tries to taunt her father into responding by providing increasingly torrid descriptions of the work she does.

 THE MACHINE GUN: No one in the gated community ever paid any attention to Alexander and he intended to do something about it with a .50-cal. machine gun he was building.

PORNO MODEL: The porno model thought her customer was an unusually sensitive and caring man and let her guard down. She shouldn’t have.

RAPE OF MARY JANE:  Lined up in their fraternity house, the frat boys had increasingly violent sex with a drunken sorority girl, raising the question of when does sex play become rape.  



LAYOVER IN LAGUARDIA: Two former lovers meet in an airport. The woman is ecstatic to see the man again and eager to reminisce about old times. The man tries desperately to find out who this woman is, without revealing that he has forgotten her and the affair they had had. 

DEADLY DEAL: A fight promoter, well aware of the public’s lust for gore, tries to get the governor to let him televise executions. The governor  at first rejects the idea until the promoter starts talking money. Then the governor agrees to ncreasingly intrusive filming with each increase in the amount of money offered.

DATE POSITIONING SATELLITE: Just as the GPS guides motorists along their  travels, so does a DPS guide two people on a first date, by discretely alerting them  to when they’ve gone too far or not far enough.

FIRE FIGHTER FOR GOD:  Much to the annoyance of the young couple, a  Jehovah’s Witness rings their  doorbell and warns that their third floor is on fire and will burn down their house because they don’t believe. They angrily rebuff him until they hear the sirens of the fire engines.